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  • Gigabyte Radeon HD5670 Video Card Review
  • Gigabyte Radeon HD5670 Video Card Review


    Card Layout and Features

    Most mid-range video cards come standard with a dual slot cooler and the Gigabyte Radeon HD5670 is no exception.  The cooler featured here a traditional design, with a large slow moving fan over a solid heatsink.  Don't underestimate the size of this heatsink, it easily spans the entire width of the card but does an exceptional job at keeping the card cool and does so with a minimum of noise.

    Almost looks like a transformer. happy smile
    Display connections are typical for a desktop application and feature a Dual-Link DVI, Analog VGA D-SUB, and an HDMI.

    As with most ATI Radeon video cards the HD 5670 supports Crossfire technology.  Here we have the 2 gold finger connectors that make hardware Crossfire possible.
    The blue PCB is a marketing standard for Gigabyte and while the card design might resemble a reference design the PCB color is anything but. 
    This card features 1GB of DDR5 memory with chips being placed on both sides of the PCB.  For those of you interested in alternative and aftermarket heatsinks the large "transformer" heatsink is easily removed and replaced in the typical fashion.