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  • GeForce GTX 275 Video Card Review
  • GeForce GTX 275 Video Card Review


    Unreal Tournament 3

    Unreal Tournament 3 is a game set sometime in the future that is all about killing. There really is no real story line or single player type game. What UT3 lacks in story line it makes up in all around great gaming fun. The multiplayer is second to none and happens to be a great LAN Party game.
    For benchmarking all setting was turned up to the highest setting of 5. V-Sync and SmoothFrames was turned off to get the maximum gaming Frame Per Second. Post Processing was kicked up to intense for a super awesome gaming experience. The level used for the benches is CarbonFire loaded with fun loving bots, with great one liner comments.
    UT3 is a very visually stunning game, but never really puts too much hardware under heavy stress. Still the GeForce GTX 275 shows that it has more horsepower to deal out on running the game over the older cards.
    To add some spice to the UT3 mix. We played out the Lighthouse PhysX map to show the impact of PhysX on the graphic cards. We choose a single resolution of 1920 x 1200 to make an easy comparison with the CarbonFire level without PhysX being used above.
    With all of this new found power the GeForce GTX 275 still does not show any better performance in the PhysX map on UT3. With doing the run through a few times with both cards kept showing these kinds of numbers. In a way it makes no sense, but the two cards are very close to each other that it is almost a complete wash.