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  • Cooler Master V6 GT Heatsink Review
  • Cooler Master V6 GT Heatsink Review


    Cooler Layout and Features

    The Cooler Master V6 GT features 6x 6mm heatpipes arraigned in a "V" pattern.  This arrangement is one of the best we have seen in awhile and exposes all of the heatpipes to incoming air.  The position of the heatpipes also creates additional areas for low pressure air to pool and remove even more heat. 
    We have seen some pretty unique ways to treat the base of a heatsink and range from highly polished to flat yet extremely rough.  None of them compare to the micro finish featured on the V6 GT.  The base is machined flat but instead of linear machine lines the micro texture is radial from the center of the heatsink. 

    Micro textures have become quite popular on modern heatsinks and seem to do a pretty good job at removing excess air and promoting good adhesion to the heat spreader.  A general rule of thumb regarding "adhesion", If your heatsink doesn't require a little effort to remove then you didn't make good contact.  This can either be due to air trapped in your thermal paste or gaps between the heatspreader and heatsink base.
    One of the unique features of the V6 GT is the inclined fins on the radiator. The idea here is that by inclining the fins just 5 degrees you can increase the available surface area without making the heatsink any larger.  The tilt also allows better airflow thru the radiator and thus better heat transfer.