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  • Coolink Corator DS Heatsink Review
  • Coolink Corator DS Heatsink Review



    High performance cooling can surprise you at times thus adding some weight to the adage about picture books and their covers.  Our first visual impression of the Corator DS was not good.  In fact while there is plenty of surface area we felt that overall performance would be hindered by the 4 heatpipe design.  Of course our opinion changed after running the numbers.

    Heatsink installation went incredibly smooth and was rather simple, despite having 3 basic levels to put together.  The single set of spring loaded screws on the main retention clip proved to be quite sturdy due in part to the mounts being physically attached to the heatsink instead of floating around.  The only downside was having to remove the center fan to gain access to the final set of screws. 

    Overall performance was excellent and our heat tests showed that the Coolink Corator DS had plenty of capacity to spare given that the C/W numbers were identical between the tests.  Our biggest concern was actual processor temps under an overclocking load being 8 degrees cooler than an OEM cooler running at stock speeds.  Granted this is still considerably good but does indicate the heatsink had started to become saturated and close to reaching its thermal barrier.

    Now for our list of good things and bad things happy smile
    Good Things
    Dual Tower Design
    8mm Heatpipes
    Gapless Direct Contact
    Single Center Fan Included
    Bad Things
    4 heatpipe design
    Limited mass at heatsink base
    Need extra clearance for this large heatsink
    Ninjalane Rating
    Coolink Corator DS Heatsink Review

    Silent 4 of 5

    We would like to thank Coolink for helping to make this review possible.