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  • Corsair Ice T30 Dominator Memory Cooler Review
  • Corsair Ice T30 Dominator Memory Cooler Review


    Performance and Benchmarks

    System as it was tested
    EVGA X58 LE Intel X58 Chipset
    Core i7 920 (2.66Ghz) 4 x 256KB L2, 8MB L3 Cache 4.8GT/s QPI
    CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus
    Corsair Nautilus 500 - 3/8" hose
    3x Corsair Dominator GT 6GB 2000Mhz DDR3 (7-8-7-20)
    VisionTek 3870 PCI Express
    Western Digital Raptor X 150BG SerialATA 10000RPM
    LG 20x Super Multi GSA-H55L
    Corsair HX850W 850w power supply
    Window Vista SP1

    For our tests we are using a single Corsair Nautilus 500 directly attached to the H30 via 3/8" ID tubing and pure distilled water as the cooling medium.  Ambient temperature was 27c and tests were run until the temperature stabilized.  Dominator GT memory was run under XMP profile @ 1.65v
    Benchmark Conclusion
    The temperatures recorded here are actually really quite good.  We did what we could to allow our memory modules to frost up but even under full power the TEC didn't have enough power to get below 10c.  The water side of the system however did get well above 40c leading us to believe that running with the humidity sensor enabled was really the most economical option.  Not only does this remove the worry of condensation but the total heat load is dynamically reduced.

    Humidity in the Ninjalane Labs is generally very low, on the order of < 20% most days, so we had high hopes to see some frost when running the Ice T30 unloaded.  

    Instead we just got a little bit of water.