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  • Corsair Ice T30 Dominator Memory Cooler Review
  • Corsair Ice T30 Dominator Memory Cooler Review


    Corsair Ice T30

    In this review we will be looking at the Corsair Ice T30 memory cooler.  The Ice T30 is a sub-ambient TEC cooler built specifically for the Dominator GT memory.
    The T30 is comprised of a Corsair Hydro H30 memory waterblock, TEC, and humidity monitoring control center.  The control center helps to regulate the voltage delivered to the TEC based on the relative humidity.  This prevents condensation, in case you didn't know. 
    TEC cooling is very unique in that you are using electricity to pump heat from one surface to another and the more power you apply the greater the temperature difference will be.  For a TEC cooler to function properly you need 3 basic things.  
    1. A cold plate
    2. The TEC itself
    3. A way to remove the generated heat.  
    Of course Corsair has included those 3 items and all the hardware you will need to properly install the Ice T30.  The hose barbs are designed for 3/8" tubing but the included adaptors will allow you to use the T30 on existing 1/2" cooling systems.  Flow will be reduced slightly using this method but those that are concerned will also be crafty enough to design a way around the issue.