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  • Corsair Ice T30 Dominator Memory Cooler Review
  • Corsair Ice T30 Dominator Memory Cooler Review



    Some of the earliest memory coolers were nothing more than small heatsinks attached with thermal tape.  These coolers were not only bulky but didn't really work very well.  Later designs included elaborate heat spreaders that covered the entire memory module and while these spreaders did a great job and regulating temperature it was a little known fact that they were not really needed.  A nice thing that came from this was that the memory chips were now protected, giving the end user a convenient safety barrier when handling the delicate modules.

    As memory frequency increased so did heat output, combine that with additional voltage due to overclocking and the once docile memory heat spreader became an important consideration when choosing an enthusiast memory module.

    The famed Corsair Dominator is a pinnacle in module design and features a variety of built-in cooling features to regulate heat regardless of speed and voltage settings.  By default a removable finned heatsink is attached to the top of each module that opens up a variety of modification possibilities such as changing the color or even adding a larger heatsink. 
    For those that require even more cooling power the high-end Dominator GT comes with a dual fan active cooler that mounts on top of the modules to force air over the cooling fins.  Both of these methods work great but how could we push memory cooling even further??