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  • astek WaterChill 12volt Pump Review
  • astek WaterChill 12volt Pump Review



    To most of us watercooling really consists of "what block are you running?" or something like "you have how many fans on your radiator?" we kind of take for granted the one item in the system that pulls everything together, the pump. Looking back it is pretty obvious as to why, up until now every pump used was either a small scale knock off or a retro fit from a pond supply store, but there really wasn't anything else.
    You really have to hand it to asetek when it comes to inventing new ways to use ordinary equipment. In this review we will be looking at one such item the asetek Waterchill 12v pump. This pump features an integrated reservoir, pump control module and most importantly a 12v power requirement.
    The pump itself is, for the most part, identical to the SACEM SL35 that we reviewed with the Waterchill Extreme no to long ago. Based on this we can assume it will also perform about the same if not better. Given that we have no way of accurately testing this theory you will have to take our word for it.
    The asetek 12v pump was shipped to us in pieces so, for us, some assembly was required, as the photo shows the reservoir simply clips on to the front of the pump and the back piece covers the pump control. The mounting bracket is clipped to the bottom of the pump and suction cups are used to hold the entire pump in place.