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  • Mushkin HP2-6400 4GB Memory Review
  • Mushkin HP2-6400 4GB Memory Review



    When doing research for this review we came to the conclusion that when choosing performance memory from Mushkin you can do well with just about any of their modules.  Generally speaking you can find similar speed offerings in both the XP and HP series lines.  Timings become better as you scale the performance ladder but is largely dependent on capacity. 

    The real eye opener with the Mushkin HP2-6400 modules is how well they overclocked.  As we showed you 1066Mhz is easily attainable with minimal effort and well within the recommended voltage settings.  The modules did not scale well after 1066Mhz and required more voltage and timing adjustments to remain stable.  As with any overclocking adventure your mileage can and will likely vary since these results are largely dependent on your entire system and not just memory modules.

    Now for the ever popular list of Good things and Bad things.  happy smile
    Good Things
    Sleek blue heatspreaders
    Good Overclocking
    High Capacity (4GB)
    Voltage has considerably improved over previous releases
    Good hometown memory made in the US
    Bad Things
    Relaxed timings
    No fancy lighting effects
    Ninjalane Rating
    We would like to thank Mushkin for helping make this review possible.