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  • Foxconn Quantum Force X48 BlackOps Motherboard Review
  • Foxconn Quantum Force X48 BlackOps Motherboard Review



    We have reviewed quite a few Foxconn motherboards over the years and the high end boards tend to have a lasting impression on us.  In most cases performance is exceptional, design and style are outstanding, but the real shining star is the included goodies.  Our first experience with this was with the Foxconn Winfast NFPIK8AA.  The board came packaged in a hard cardboard box complete with magnetic latch and a physical cable for each connection found on the motherboard.  In most cases these cables may have never been used but for once when you needed an external Firewire cable is there.

    The Quantum Force BlackOps is following in this tradition but in a slightly different direction and focusing on what overclockers have been demanding.  For us the single best feature on the BlackOps is the 4 in 1 motherboard cooling solution, it is obvious that watercooling was the primary reason for the heatsink design.  Active and passive aircooling are less than ideal due to airflow constraints and the extension tower is just an easy way to keep super cooled substances in a central location.

    Overall system performance was outstanding however the big surprise was having our Q6600 running at 4Ghz with very little effort at all.  In fact the process seemed so easy we purposefully reset the CMOS just to see if we could replicate everything.
    Aegis Panel
    We actually prefer to do our overclocking via the BIOS since that will give us a good indication on if a particular setting will work long before the OS has time to load.  However for those of you that enjoy overclocking from Windows the Aegis panel may be a near perfect tool for you.  From here you can monitor all of the major system components and even overclock using a single click of your mouse.

    Now for the ever popular list of Good things and Bad things. happy smile
    Good Things
    Dual 16x PCI Express Slots
    Excellent Overclocking Experience
    4 in 1 Motherboard cooling solution
    Cool name, amazing results
    Multi phase powersupply
    Extensive included package of goodies
    Bad Things
    Motherboard color scheme is kinda, plain
    4 in 1 cooler is not good at aircooling
    Reset and CMOS Clear buttons easy to confuse
    PCIe slots have the annoying style of retention clips
    Had so much fun tweaking and testing almost forgot to write the review.
    Ninjalane Rating
    I would like to thank Foxconn for helping to make this review possible.