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  • Foxconn Quantum Force X58 BloodRage Motherboard Review
  • Foxconn Quantum Force X58 BloodRage Motherboard Review



    A couple weeks ago we posted a preview article that highlighted some of the features found on the Foxconn BloodRage X58.  In this article we will be looking at the performance aspects of the BloodRage along with overclocking and a few features we didn’t cover in the preview article.

    Several things from the preview article will be featured here so for a complete BloodRage experience be sure to check out the preview article.
    There are a few color combinations that for various reasons are destined to be together, Complementary colors (ie colors opposite on the color wheel) like blue/orange, red/green, yellow/purple make sense, they go well together but are pretty boring when it comes down to it.  Some of the more epic color combos are not so well known and almost always involve black.  Yellow/Black, Purple/Black and our favorite Red/Black these all look great together and pretty much go with anything. 

    A quick glance around Ninjalane reaffirms our love of Red and while the color isn’t for everyone you cannot deny how popular Red has become.

    In this review will be taking a look at the newest motherboard from Foxconn called the BloodRage.  BloodRage is a Quantum Force design and based on the new X58 chipset from Intel.  As with all Quantum Force designs the BloodRage comes with a variety of features specific to the hardware enthusiast and overclocker. 
    Given our recent success with the Foxconn BlackOps we’re really looking forward to seeing what the new BloodRage is capable of.