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  • EVGA GeForce GTX560 Ti SuperClocked Video Card Review
  • EVGA GeForce GTX560 Ti SuperClocked Video Card Review



    Taking an overview look at this review we can see that nVidia did in fact make a very strong reference design that many partners will inevitability stick with. EVGA made a wise choice in using the reference design for the GTX560 Ti SC and shows us what most reference cards are capable of.  Due to the overclocked nature of the EVGA GTX560 Ti SC we witnessed some real performance gains over the stock card which also translated extremely well when paired up in SLI.  However, EVGA doesn't stop there.

    EVGA offers a great software suite including the Precision / OC Scanner to get the most out of any EVGA video card.  As with most EVGA graphics cards you get an excellent lifetime warranty, just be sure to register your purchase within the first 30 days, and if you do happen to run into issues the EVGA 24/7 support team is there to along with their strong, and knowledgeable, online community.  Also be sure to drop by their website as they tend to hold game and benchmark giveaways on a regular basis providing residual benefits to all of their fans.
    In this review we not only looked at the increased performance of the GTX 560 Ti SC but paired up 2 of these cards to see how they reacted in SLI over the GTX 470 SLI.  As we indicated in our previous review the GTX 560 Ti was positioned to overtake the older GTX 470 in terms of overall performance and we can see that in our performance benchmarks.  The same holds true in SLI as well, the only major difference being that the GTX 470 supports triple and quad SLI configurations whereas the GTX 560 Ti is limited to two. 

    Regardless of scalability limitations for gamers on a budget looking to make that major leap to DirectX 11 the GTX 560 Ti SC makes for a great starting point with the option of adding a second card later.
    Good Things
    Great gaming experience on a mid range card
    Fully DirectX 11 capable
    Lower power usage
    Excellent power per watt
    Low Heat
    Very good cooling system
    More overclocking potential left
    Bad Things
    Two card limit in SLI
    Lack of external exhaust cooling system
    EVGA GeForce GTX560 Ti SuperClocked Video Card Review

    Furious 5 of 5