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  • Computex 2010 Day 1



    Silverstone had some great stuff on display including a line of fans based on Air Penetrator technology.  The idea is pretty simple; they have added some channels behind the fan blades to shape the airflow into a vertical column instead of in an outward cone. 

    The result is direct airflow where ever you want it to be.
    New cases include this small form factor unit we saw at CES, only a few minor revisions to this case to remove some venting from the back of the chassis and replace the fan with an Air Penetrator model. 

    One of the highlights of the booth was the new Raven case that once again redefines chassis design.  The Raven 3 is much smaller than previous designs and actually forces you to route your cables behind the motherboard.  Otherwise the case features the same design and cooling capacity we have come to expect.
    A new TJ case is also in display and that clearly an overkill in chassis design. happy smile  This case has borrowed features from all of the previous TJ designs and incorporating them into one single unit.  Expect this case to also support many of the larger quad SLI/Crossfire boards we are seeing in the enthusiast space.
    The last case is very reminiscent of the Apple cubes (ie tissue boxes).  The case supports a MicroATX motherboard, several internal fans, hot swap drive bays, and is designed to be pushed directly against the wall without any cable interference.