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  • Computex 2010 Day 1
  • Computex 2010 Day 1



    There were a variety of new products on display in the MSI booth including some of the latest high-end motherboards, and custom video card coolers. 

    The copper one shown below is a limited edition "gold" heatsink that comes with a reinforcement bar to support the additional weight.
    The concept isn't new for this next product but the execution is.  Here we have an external GPU designed for laptops.  The box contains a regular video card that can actually be swapped out or replaced if a newer generation card comes available. 

    The connection is made via express port so there should be plenty of bandwidth for most types of gaming, simply load the drivers and away you go.
    We have noticed that each year MSI likes to have a "gimmick" in their booth.  This year it was this fancy cleaning robot that can clean you house while you're away.  This is an autonomous robot with sensors to prevent it from running into the walls and other objects. 

    The sensors are proximity so even if things are moving around it will detect them and avoid accordingly.
    Pretty smart stuff, and cleaned pretty good.

    Day 2 will be a little more challenging since it is not only a busy meeting day but also a split schedule with half of them in Nangang and the other half at the Grand Hyatt.