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    As some of you may have realized this is our 6th Computex over the past 8 years which also corresponds with the 10 year anniversary of  While we would like the Computex tradition to continue it is becoming harder to find things of interest at the show making the whole process a little "meh" to begin with.  Regardless, Computex is a great way to check out the new technology, and meet the people we have worked with over the past few years.

    With every Computex adventure we attempt to complete a mission.  This year the mission was to get in contact with the companies that we feel have some of the best products and somehow get them to work with Ninjalane.  We have been extremely lucky to finally be working with some of the companies that have eluded us in the past, so on top of the regular booth displays we're also able to see some of the VIP stuff, most of which could not be photographed.
    The show configuration this year is the same as last.  The venue is split between Hall 1 and Hall 3, located at the World Trade Center near Taipei 101  (ya that big tall building) and NanGang.  The first 2 halls contained all of the component level technology, publications, communications, networking, display technologies, etc. while Nangang tends to hold the majority of the stuff that we want to see.

    Our traditional show coverage is divided up over the days in attendance with a photo showing of what we found during that day.  In an attempt to bring you more up to date coverage we have also added a daily catch-up which covers some of the cool stuff we saw that day in a condensed format.

    Daily Catch-Up
    - Pre-Show Presentations and fun stuff around Taiwan
    - Computex Blog - First Day Activities
    - Computex Blog - Meetings Forever
    - Computex Blog: - Autopilot
    - Computex Blog: - Wrap-Up

    The overall visitor count seems to be the same as it was last year.  It was not difficult to traverse the various halls and the same crowds gathered to watch the various showgirl and overclocking shows.  It is difficult to know exactly how many people may or may not have been present but the overall feel remains unchanged.

    Our first official meeting didn't start until after lunch so we spent some time wandering the halls and made a mental notes as to where certain vendors were and who we might visit when time permitted.
    The strange thing was, for the first 2 days the show was pretty devoid of people, however as the weekend approached things started hopping pretty good.