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  • PhysX Performance Tests - The way games should be played


    Unreal Tournament 3

    Unreal Tournament is the first real Triple A title to ever tackle the PhysX animal and continues to explore PhysX enhancements by releasing new map packs and weapons to make the game more intense.

    We tested one of the Capture The Flag maps named Lighthouse. This map is made up of destroyable walls built upon all kinds of levels that certain floors can be shot out with lots of debris.  All settings were turned to the highest they could go.  V-Sync and Smooth Framerates were turned off for this testing and post rendering is set to Intense for all the tests.

    Let's see how all of our PhysX solutions compare against each other.
    UT3 is the oldest game in this roundup and for its age it still does show some advantages of using the Nvidia GPU for PhysX over the CPU and the Ageia PhysX card.  All of the options preformed very well except for the Ageia card which is showing its age and bus speed limitations.  Scaling between the different card configurations steps right up like it should with the GeForce GTX285 SLI showing its ultimate power.