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  • PhysX Performance Tests - The way games should be played


    Mirrors Edge

    Mirrors Edge is another high profile title that has the almighty PhysX backing to it. The PhysX adds content to the game that is otherwise hidden for non-PhysX users.  Cool materials such as plastic, fabric banners, and fabric being ripped apart while bullets pass through are scattered around the game.

    Mirrors Edge is a very fast paced game that keeps you running on top of roof tops and inside office buildings. Much of the graphics are hard lined stuff that needs tons of Anti-Aliasing in order to make it look good. So all of the settings are turned up and Anti-Aliasing is kicked up to 8x in order to make this an excellent gaming experience. 

    Let's see the impact this title put on the PhysX setups we have here.
    Mirrors Edge is very consistent in terms of PhysX performance however despite the additional content and environmental factors the game doesn't really have that much PhysX content. The only spot that does take a turn for the worse on Mirrors Edge is when the CPU is doing PhysX processing.